Microstrip Attenuator With Sleeve

Microstrip Attenuator With Sleeve is a circular sleeve added to the rotary microstrip attenuator; This sleeve contains an air hood with a simulated impedance characteristic of 50 ohms. At the contact point between the microstrip attenuator and the sleeve. We use beryllium copper with good elasticity as the grounding edge, and the specific uneven wavy wrinkles on the grounding edge ensure good grounding.

Because there are too many sizes of attenuation chip, it becomes very troublesome for users to do grounding and edge wrapping after purchasing attenuation chip. Different sizes of attenuation chips require different sizes of edge wrapping, which can be very troublesome for users!!!

RFTYT Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a Microstrip Attenuator With Sleeve for the sake of customers, perfectly solving the major headache problems mentioned above. Customers only need to design corresponding connectors (the inner conductor of the connector needs to "elastic contact" with the silver layer at the end of the attenuation chip, remember! Remember, "elastic contact") to process the heat sink and make a beautiful coaxial attenuator.

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Regarding the three important components of Microstrip Attenuator With Sleeve:

1. Sleeve: As the main structure of microstrip attenuator with sleeve, it is usually made of copper or aluminum parts with good thermal conductivity, used to fix and protect the internal attenuation chips.

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2. Grounding edge wrapping: The edge wrapping of the microstrip attenuator with sleeve is for good grounding, and elastic grounding ensures good grounding in high and low temperature conditions. Choosing beryllium copper material with good elasticity can effectively extend the service life and stability of attenuation chips. 

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3.The microstrip attenuator in the microstrip attenuator with sleeve is the core part for achieving signal attenuation, mainly composed of a resistance network and control circuits.

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Display of microstrip attenuator with sleeve products:

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More optional specifications:

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